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The Big Data Room

XY has developed an impressive technology platform, integrating the most performing algorithms developed over time at XY LABS. At the base of the technology there are extremely sophisticated systems for data acquisition, elaboration and presentation:

XY was created to give strategic and operational support in the governing of large and international estates. The company aspires to be a clear and objective reference for estate owners as their partner in dealing with all challenges posed by complex estates of great magnitude. Above all – as strategic consultants and global estate orchestrators – XY strives to provide an understanding of what must be done for the estate’s preservation and development in time.

1. Client Data Feed

The first system collects real-time data of all the operations carried out by financial institutions on clients’ accounts. The data and information collected can then be independently processed by XY’s proprietary algorithms checking accuracy of each individual transaction. To develop this first system, XY undertook an enormous and continuously evolving task in order to interface with the systems of the financial institutions that work with the company’s clients.

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2. Market Data Feed

XY also connected all the independent market data sources by creating a system which allows the company to proceed internally with the calculation of market values, maturities, coupons, dividends and numerous other variables that have an economic impact for its clients. With specific algorithms XY scientists can also calculate the costs and taxes that the various institutions should themselves apply to the clients. All this generates a set of independently calculated market and operating data of the highest quality.

3. Database

The two data acquisition systems feed into a sophisticated database used to check the consistency between the data provided by the institutions and the independently calculated data. Experience shows that financial institutions often make mistakes at the expense of clients. With XY’s technologies, errors can be detected and the entire reconciliation process can be triggered and followed, leading to unprecedented savings.

4. Algorithms

XY’s proprietary algorithms analyze assets, liabilities and financial flows in depth.

5. Board

A clear reporting system allows factual data to be presented in a user-friendly manner, in order to support informed decision-making.

6. Younique

Estate owners can navigate real-time data presented in visually appealing ways directly on their personal devices.

These benefits are just the first of an expanding universe of possibilities unleashed by XY’s technology platform as independent data intelligence creates in-depth understanding of investment opportunities, supporting transparent beauty-contests that rank financial product offerings, furthermore simulating scenarios to check the viability and attractiveness of alternative choices.